Shakari "TRAKGIRL” Boles brings a versatile and dynamic dimension to the music industry through variety of genres.

A music producer, songwriter and entrepreneur, TRAKGIRL is “ born to music” from a family of musicians, singers and music educators . Her skill with rhythm and beats as well as melody alignment make her a highly sought-after collaborator to several of the nation’s most popular entertainers.

Recent works include Luke James’ “Bad News” & “Black Jesus” from Harlem’s Crystal Caines, King Chip’s “Queen”, co-produced by DJ Dahi and AX Diiamonds, “Mansions on the Moons’ “Where You Are”, and the sultry ballad “Recover” by Anais Aida, which features a number of indie producers including Bjork and FKA Twigs collaborator.

TRAKGIRL, is expanding her scope to include a platform to promote self awareness and empowerment and to teach music technology.

Through speaking engagements and producer clinics, she plans to continue to serve as a mentor to those entering the industry. She also seeks to encourage women to seek greater access to broader roles in the heavily male-dominated production and business facets of the music industry. “It’s important that we give back as we move forward” she says.

Ode to Tae
Where You Are
Black Jesus
Bad News
Headed West (Intro)